“She's sharp as a tack.” 

Joan is a great BK attorney. I'm in the real estate business, which unfortunately now-a days means BK attorney referrals are frequently needed. To make sure my clients get a great referral, I interviewed Joan personally, along with 3 other attorneys, and was very impressed. She's sharp as a tack, has a great supportive staff and is surprisingly positive and upbeat considering the matter. I've since referred several clients to her and all have been pleased. 

— Nathan H.


“Giving her best to her clients.”

As a colleague of Joan's, I know that she is dedicated and professional. I refer all of my clients with bankruptcy issues to her and I feel confident that she will treat them with respect, giving them each the attention that they deserve, and get the best possible result for each of them. I know that she works long hours, putting her all into her practice and giving her best to her clients. She has knowledge and skill that few bankruptcy attorneys share.

— Ferdy L.

“Real professional and really nice too! Highly recommended!”

— Jeff M.


“Kind, professional & understanding.”

I highly recommend Mrs. Grimes, she was kind, professional and understanding. Her staff is also very helpful and professional. I would recommend her to anyone!

— Heather W.


“You are in the right place.”

Joan is compassionate and very knowledgeable. With so many bankruptcy lawyers you wonder who to talk to? 5 minutes with Joan and you’ll know you are in the right place. Highly recommended

— Michael P.


“Compassionate and really cares.”

If you need a bankruptcy attorney, call Joan. I found her through Yelp and was not disappointed. We interviewed several attorneys and we selected Joan. It only took one appointment and our search was over. We are SO happy we did not settle for the other people we interviewed. Joan is SO kind and compassionate and really cares. She is professional and knowledgeable and explains everything to you. She makes recommendations for your situation and does what she says. Highly recommended! (Only area for improvement is promptness. She sometimes runs over with clients so you don’t always get in at your appointment time) BUT she is definitely worth the wait.

— Jamie E.


“She is a pro.”

 Joan is a true professional who guided me through a difficult period in my life with compassion and dignity. With her advice, I was able to save my house, despite being disabled and losing my ability to continue my profession. She is a pro. This is who you will want to deal with when you are faced with what life can throw at you.

— Katherine R.

Bankruptcy is scary. To me it was like being in quick sand, I knew I was in trouble, I knew I needed help to get out and I could see the rescue rope all I had to do was reach out and grab it, but I couldn’t do it. I was afraid. Afraid of what people would say, of what might happen to my family, my home. my life. I was ashamed that I was unable to conquer this problem on my own. But one day I realized living under the weight of heavy debt with little hope of paying it off was altering my outlook on life. Everything was grey, every conversation, every life event, the future and every relationship was tinged with grey because of this huge cloud of debt looming above. I wasn’t living, just existing. So one day I decided to explore the possibility of bankruptcy and what I found was Joan Grimes, Attorney at Law and from that day everything got better. She and her wonderful staff reminded me that life is risky and the law recognizes that and provides a bit of a safety net. Joan guided us through the many options of bankruptcy and provided expert advice at every stage. I soon learned she could not read my mind and started asking questions and the experience got even better. What I discovered is you can have a “do over”, you can make affordable restitution toward your debt and start fresh. You can feel the grey leaving your life and the feeling of hope and happiness return. You will learn a great deal about yourself, the law and life after going through bankruptcy and you will be better prepared for your new life. It is life changing to be sure but you will never regret giving yourself another chance.
— Debbie D.